A Poem by Eli Koterba

To the old man drenched in holy water i hope you never dry.

Dear pedestrian,
Please hold fast, clasp your fingers,
don’t advert your eyes.

Do not throw holy
Water on dirty old men,
They’re clean- don’t you know?

Their finger patched socks
Of long years unattended
Just let the wind blow.

They have their theories:
Hand crafted cosmic sketches

(They’re funny; I like them.)

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Child-Rearing and the Burden of Freedom

You’re standing at the end of the driveway, watching through tear-soaked eyes as your eldest child heads off to college for the first time. You know that letting go is a part of being a parent, and that he or she is embarking on an amazing journey, but the experience is painful, nonetheless.

It seems that freedom has a price.

If you’re a parent, then you know, all too well, the long process of letting go.

From the moment they take their first steps, to the sad farewell as they head out on their own, our job as parents is to steadily grant our children more and more freedom.

After all, how can any human-being live a worthwhile life unless they are free to experience it?

And yet, the more we let go, the greater the possibility that they may fall.

photo by ovvi

photo by ovvi

So, there seems to be a conundrum:

Keep them close / Keep them safe
Let them go / Let them fall

But, did you know that this conundrum extends far beyond child-rearing?

In fact, you could say that God was faced with the same decision.

Want to know what God chose?

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What is Spirituality?

Big Bubble

by Hartwig HKD

“So, do you go to church?”

“No, I’m spiritual, not religious.”


“I’m spiritual, not religious” has become a pretty popular response to the question of religious affiliation.  Some believe it to be an excuse to avoid getting up early on Sundays, while others feel a deep sense of identification with the term spirituality.

So, what is spirituality and why are more and more individuals and groups calling themselves spiritual?

Human Experience

The human experience is fascinating (to say the least).

We experience the external world through our senses, and these experiences are then interpreted by the mind based upon previous experiences.  Thus, we are living simultaneously in two realities: Outer and Inner.

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Science, Spirituality & the Horizon Factor

“There is an eternal truth, and his name is God.”

“No, there is only logical argumentation based on observation.”





Both: “What do you think?”

“I think that if the two of you stopped bickering, you’d really discover something.”

Both: “Well, who asked you?”

The relationship between science and spirituality has certainly been an interesting one, and yet, what if all of their problems were due to a simple misunderstanding.

*The reason that I’m using the term “spirituality” instead of “religion” will have to wait until next time.

HorizonSo, when and where did this argument begin?

Well, I think that we’re going to have to travel back a ways.

The Horizon Principle

If you look around at the multitude of beings that inhabit this planet, you will notice that each has a unique talent helping them to survive and thrive.

We humans are not different.

Some would say that our talent is intelligence; however, intelligence is merely a byproduct of our true talent – curiosity.

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A ZEN lunchbox look at Noah

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie Noah and had a very interesting, and rather intense, reaction.


I realize that there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding Noah.  Various religious groups have voiced their objection to certain elements of the film, or the fact that the film was made at all; however, I will not be taking any of these critiques into account.

WHY – because I believe Noah to be a free expression of an artist’s interpretation of a very old story (one that actually predates the Torah).  While a great many aspects from the Jewish and Christian narratives made it into the film, in the end, each of us has our own version of the story made unique by our individual perspective.

This move is one such perspective.

Furthermore, if I had spent all of my time analyzing the authenticity of Noah, I might have missed out on its powerful message – a message that I’m only just beginning to understand.

So that I don’t ruin the film for you, I will simply give you an overview of the basic story as it’s popularly known, followed by the message and what it might mean for us.

If you know nothing of the story of Noah, you’re in for a treat.

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Digging a Well: Pleasure, Happiness and Joy

It feels good to feel good, doesn’t it?

We spend so much of our lives in the pursuit of feeling good.  In fact, many believe that feeling good is what life is all about.

I like to feel good!

But, if feeling good is so important, then why are we not better at it?  You’d think that after all these years we’d have figured it out.

Well, I’m not saying that I have the answer to this baffling conundrum; however, I do think by examining three simple concepts we may be able to inch a little closer to feeling good.

What do you say?

Well, alright!

The Three Concepts

The primary obstacle to feeling good is that we don’t really understand what we mean by “good”.

Generally, our pursuit of feeling good involves three factors: pleasure, happiness and joy.


photo by CGehlen

Aren’t they the same?



Pleasure is the positive physical and psychological response to external stimuli.


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Life on the River

A young man was swimming downstream, struggling to move faster and faster through the water.

Then a woman floated by. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“You sure seem to be in a hurry.”

“I have to get there as quick as I can.”

“Get where?”

“Where the water is taking me.”

I’ll tell you one thing – I have been this man on more than one occasion, swimming as fast as I can, thinking that I can make life move faster than it’s already moving.

I find that when it comes to the River of Life we have four options.

Let’s look at them, and maybe you’ll find yourself somewhere in the water.

The River

We can’t write an entire article based on an analogy if we don’t know what the analogy means.

Let’s break it down.

Life is constantly moving – you can feel it every day.  In fact, you could say that life is taking us somewhere.

As soon as we’re born, we embark on a journey.

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What is Beauty?

I’ve heard it said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Well, if this is true then the beautiful tree that is sitting outside my window somehow “needs me” to be beautiful.  It’s not beautiful in itself, but is made beautiful when I look at it in a certain way.

While there is some truth to this statement, I believe that the concept of “beauty” is slightly more complex.

In fact, I bet that if we take a moment to consider what makes something “beautiful”, we might just discover one of the most interesting relationships that we can participate in.

This is going to be beautiful.

photo by Benson Kua

photo by Benson Kua

Common Characteristics

Think about some of the things that you consider to be beautiful.

What characteristics do they have in common?

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Who the Heck Am I, Anyway: A Question of Identity

Hamlet, the Philosopher by Andrew Smith

photo by Andrew Smith

“I love You!”

“Which Me do you love?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you love the Me that I was, the Me that I am, or the Me that I will be?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you love the Me that is my body or the Me that is my mind?”

“OK, now I’m confused.”

“Well, it was You who made the statement!”

“Which Me?”

Let me guess, you’ve had this conversation before.

No – well then you’ve never dated a philosopher.

The question being asked above has to do with personal identity.

Do you know who you are, and, if so, how do you know?

Let’s take a look.

The Question

The question of personal identity doesn’t merely relate to who you are NOW, but who you are over time.

Personal identity is about continuity.

What makes me the same me that I was yesterday?

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